Application notes Nomidol

Use Nomidol only thanks to the detailed instructions for use. The procedure caused no difficulties. Application of the cream is very easy. The entire course of treatment is 4 weeks. During this time, a total neutralization of the fungus happens. The means to apply it to the injured area of the skin two times a day — morning and evening. Cream rubbed in with soft massaging movements.

Instructions for the cream Nomidol

Before using the drug, should be a hygienic procedure. Well, his feet muffled in the bath with healing herbs such as chamomile and marigold. Then you need to thoroughly dry the feet with towel and apply cream, RUB absorbs into the skin until completely. The drug is not felt in the skin, not the clothing and bed linen soiled.

Symptoms disappear after a week use of the drug. Supplied with Nomidol the statement also contains information that it is advisable to have a complete series, even if the symptoms disappeared within a week. Under the nails the spores of the fungus, which are able to remain and cause re-infection.

Areas of application

Nomidol effective against all manifestations of the fungal infection. The disease is characterized by such symptoms:

  • dry skin;
  • Desquamation;
  • Itching and burning;
  • excessive sweating;
  • Thickening of the nail plate;
  • the emergence of ulcers and cracks;
  • Yellowing and the layering of the nail;
  • the formation of unpleasant odors.

These are the main symptoms, the appearance of which should push for the visit to the doctor. To increase without treatment, the symptoms only, the cracks eventually to the loss of the nail, deep, and ulcers. Cause of fungal infections of the pathogen. Medical composition of the medicinal product Nomidol not only the unpleasant symptoms, but acts on the fungus itself.


In the composition of the drug Nomidol includes exclusively natural components. The formula is specially designed to provide a means suitable for all patients in Spain. Contraindication for the use of the drug a personal intolerance to a component of the part Nomidol.

In pregnancy and lactation the possibility of the use of the drug should discuss with the treating doctor. In the case of the manifestation of the Allergy application Nomidol you need to stop.